Google Panda & Penguin Recovery


Everyone knows Google Hates Spamming!!!


Google Panda Recovery

Spamming activities violate Google ranking algorithm. So, Google introduced the new algorithm time to time called; Google Panda. Google Panda is an effective algorithm in this series introduced on the 24th of February 2011. This change affected the 12 percent results of rankings. The aim of this algorithm is to clean up the spam content, stop poor quality content and push down their ranking heavily to be completely eliminated from Google search. 
If your website has been hit by Google Panda update and now you face the problem of restoring ranking on search engine, then you need to contact us for Google Panda recovery services. Our quality services bring your website in ranking, including getting lost traffic back on track. We will analyze and check the quality issues on the WebPages that have problems. We will provide the recommendations for solving these issues. 
We will provide or supervise the creation of fresh, unique, informative and error-free content which is relevant to the website products, services, and business keywords. We will send reconsideration request when we are sure that the updated content is appropriate to Google recommendations and guidelines. Bad navigation (website menu) through the website also affects the website’s performance. 
We will correct navigation for the website, to remove the penalty. We will analyze all the links to the website and find the irrelevant or bad links which lead to the penalty on the website. We remove these irrelevant and bad links fast to make your site penalty free. After completing this process, we will implement an effective restoration strategy to improve your website reputation, rank position, website traffic and increase the leads and sales.  

Fill out the Sign-up form for removing the Panda Penalties on your websites and we will return your website to a good position in Google Search Engine.

Google Penguin Recovery


Penguin is Google Search Engine Algorithm series update, which was announced on April 24, 2012. The aim of this algorithm is to improve the quality of search results and downgrade websites that violated Google guidelines or are using the black hat technique. This update punishes the websites that are making the unnatural link building. Unfortunately, Penguin updates made an impact on the high-quality websites and online brands as well, and some have lost traffic and ranking positions on Google search engine.  

Google Penguin Recovery Solution

We analyze every section of the client’s website and find the area where the website fails to meet the Google guidelines. They identify the dreadful factors which are responsible for Google penalty and make the corrections and create a new strategy for the website.
Issues identified by Google Penguin Recovery

  • Link Schemes
  • Paid Links
  • Links that come from low-quality directories
  • Article marketing sites
  • Other Unnatural links

These are most common factors of Penguin penalties; so if you noticed that the website is not getting the right amount of traffic, and lost visibility of keywords in search engine, then you have unfortunately received the Google penalty.  
We will analyze your website and identify the problem. We will create task lists and procedures for removing the penalty from your website.  
If you need assistance in recovery services to allow your online business to move up in the search engine in a short time; fill out the Sign-up form for assistance and we will provide 100% satisfactory results.