Let me ask you FOUR simple questions,

Hi There!!!

 My photoSome of you may know who I am and for those who do not; let me introduce myself!
My name is Lev and I am a Web Developer and Graphic Designer of WQC Design Studio.

Let me ask you 4 (four) simple questions, and although I know what your answers will be, I would like you to complete it yourself and try to understand the point I am making.

Do you have a website?
How much business do you generate from your existing website?
How much traffic your site gets?
How easily can your site be found on Major Search Engines?

If your answers are:

We get a lot of business from our website!
We have a constant stream of visitors to our website!
We are at the top of the first page of the search engines!



You are doing fine and your developer and SEO team did their job and you should be very satisfied!

This message is for all website owners whose website was developed earlier at the time when 90% of web visitors use only browsers like Firefox/Mozilla, Microsoft, and Internet Explorer on Desktop or laptop P.C. We used to develop custom websites for mobile devices in addition to the main website that was viewed on handheld devices.
Today most of your visitors will have a big problem viewing your website because it is not adaptive or mobile compatible.

Here is an example that will illustrate the difference and show you what I am trying to explain:

In September of 2014, we began offering Web Development and Hosting Services in Jamaica. We launched a new website WQC Design Studio Jamaica http://www.wqcdesign.com.jm/
As our team were listening to clients requests, we realized there is a need to provide internet presence to religious organizations, so we developed a church website http://jmchurchewebs.com/
We will be using this website to show you your problems and how to resolve them, plus, I will show you how to get your website positioned at the top of Search Engines searches.

Here are images of our website before and after redesign





As you can see, the visitor to our website was not able to view the pages on the website completely and could not connect with us readily, so we corrected the problem by redisigning the site to comply with todays standards.
The same problems are costing you new clients as well as limiting your services to existing clientele. Your second problem is website position on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
If you are not on the first page or at least within the first 20 results shown; the possibility of your website being visited by a potential client( buyer of your product or service) is minimal to none.

So how to resolve the issue?

How to get your site visited bypotential new clients?
How to get your business website visited regularly?
How to bring traffic to your website?
How to enhance the service to your current clients?

We have the answers to these problems; just imagine what we at WQC Design Studio did in our site upgrade to get ranked on search engine!

Have a look at the SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) as an example to see what I am talking about…


And here is what we can offer :

First, if your website is not within the standards of today we will redesign your website at very reasonable cost. If content of your website is not written to satisfy demanding parameters of Google algorithm our Content writer specialist will work with you one on one to correct any problems. Our SEO team will review your keyword sets and make changes on your website that your key phrases and keywords are compatible to Search Engines; bcause everything is localized we concentrate on getting you visible both locally and internationally.
Your business depends on companies and individuals locally geolocated, so if your business is in Manhattan, New York, you want clients connecting you in the ares like Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx even some parts of New Jersey that are close to your location. Plus we will review your social media exposure on FaceBook, Twitter and others. Social Media or SMO plays a significant roll in promoting your business in parallel with SEO.
In the last two years, we developed a bulletproof SEO/SMO; a 6-month program package where cost is based on the amount of key phrases we will use. We GUARANTEE advance of your website to the top position on the major search engines.


As you can see from this growth chart, to get to the top of search engine you need patience and commitment on our 6-month program; in essence it will require this type of sacrifice.
In conclusion, I hope as you read this overview of service we at WQC Design Studio is able to deliver and realize that our goal is to inform you that you need help, and it is available.

We are one email or call away, our team is standing by!

Lev Abramovich
WQC Design Studio
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